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Heavy Equipment Crating & Shipping

No Limitations Expert Solutions

Heavy Equipment Crating and Shipping Services in Nashville & Chattanooga

We provide crating, packaging, and logistics solutions for all sectors of the commercial and industrial markets, and can handle virtually any type of equipment. In fact, we welcome large, challenging projects and are prepared to fully support your heavy equipment crating and shipping needs to perfection.

Our crating and shipping teams provide various solutions to ensure your oversized, heavy, and bulky assets remain safe and protected throughout your journey with us. We have skilled engineers and designers who take on the responsibility of your shipping needs utilizing decades of experience and knowledge and surpassing industry standards.

Craters and Freighters Nashville is a one-stop shop for the most demanding shipping needs; you can rely on our expertise when it comes to your heavy equipment crating and shipping job. We invite you to reach out today to learn more.

Solutions for Every Logistics Challenge

Weight and size limitations? We do not believe in them. Items that are too big, too heavy, or too valuable for others are no problem for us. We have the shipping solutions, equipment, machinery, know-how, and high-quality materials to maximize the security of your heavy assets, no matter their size or where they’re headed.

Traveling by land, sea, or air, our teams are committed to keeping your items safe and you informed. Our logistics professionals handle all the fine details so you can stay focused on other matters.

We’re trusted internationally by several organizations that depend on us for every step of the shipping process. Your assets will gain fast entry when shipping internationally, as we meet all country codes and regulations, including using ISPM-15 certified wood for our international containers.
By partnering with our nationwide network of Craters & Freighters offices and warehouses, we provide comprehensive heavy equipment shipping and logistics services for all domestic shipping projects.

Let us manage your shipping needs as much or as little as you like; either way, you’ll get logistic support that goes the extra mile.

Purpose-Engineered Packaging and Crating

We are a trusted resource for equipment and machinery packaging, crating, and shipping, with in-house engineers who tailor packaging and crating to any item’s needs.

Our crating and packaging specialists use a library of spec-driven technology and years of experience to ensure each asset we work with is precisely protected from the rigors of the shipping stream. We consider size, weight, mode of transport, and final destination before engineering a packaging plan for these heavy, oversized items. We know you don’t have time to waste; let our packaging and crating experts in Nashville get the job done right, giving you a safe, successful, on-time delivery.

On-Site Crating, Rigging, & Special Services

Having managed hundreds, if not thousands, of heavy equipment shipping needs, we’ve learned what it takes to complete these jobs to perfection. Our streamlined services provide the ultimate in efficient, effective shipments.

On-site Crating

With heavy pieces of machinery, our customers often can’t get their assets safely to our facility for packaging and crating. That’s okay. We can provide our services on-site at your location. Our team has everything necessary to complete this task with the same precision, intent, and integrity at your site, as at ours.

On-site Rigging

Need rigging and other specialized equipment services? We are experts in that area as well. Using our own equipment and expertise, we will responsibly get your heavy machinery to an area that is accessible for safe, meticulous packaging and crating. Our rigging professionals will disassemble, move, and lift your equipment with ease, always keeping safety at the forefront.

Shipping Solutions for Heavy Equipment

Some other crating and shipping solutions used by our heavy machinery customers include:

Making knowledgeable decisions about the container style, the internal structures required, and the securement methods used go a long way toward the successful shipment of these complex items. Our comprehensive array of solutions are here to suit the needs of your heavy equipment shipping project. Call today and let’s get started.


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